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Jamiroquai concert in Nice

14 April 2011 2,578 views No Comment

On the 28th of July top performer Jamiroquai comes to gild the Riviera summer! Let yourself be taken away by the beats of funky acid jazz from their latest album “Rock Dust Light Star”, released in November 2010. Lead singer Jay Kay will sing you to the moon and back promising an extraordinary choreography that will make you move you body to their sound.

Jamiroquai concert in Nice will by July 2011

Jamiroquai is a British band formed in 1992, and in the early 90′s Jamiroquai was growing in popularity in the UK, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, but yet relatively unknown to U.S and other international audiences. The band’s international breakthrough came with the third album, Travelling Without Moving, in 1996, which yielded two big hits “Virtual Insanity” and “Cosmic Girl”. The success of “Virtual Insanity” was due in part to its Jonathan Glazer-directed video, which featured Kay’s dance moves and some physics-defying images.

They have released 7 albums and sold over 25 million copies world wide. The band name is a portmanteau of Jam session and “iroquai”, based on the Iroquois, a Native American tribe. The original band was Jay Kay (vocals), Toby Smith (keyboard), Stuart Zender (bass), Nick Van Gelder (drums), Wallis Buchanan (didgeridoo) and Alec Moran (pipeau). These are the founding members of Jamiroquai and were involved in the writing and production of the first album.

The lineup of the band has changed several times, and the longest serving and now core members of the band are lead singer and songwriter Jason “Jay” Kay and drummer Derrick McKenzie (1994).

The acid jazz flavoured and ethnic influenced tones that defines their sound has now climaxed into a live recorded album that guaranties funky body movements coming from anybody listening! So don’t miss Jay Kay’s spectacular dance moves on stage and his never ending creative hats, whilst enjoying his latest hit singles “White Knuckle Ride” and “Rock Dust Light Star” that are already a world-wide phenomena. You have no choice but to come and enjoy the trip!

Tickets are available from the usual outlets, such as FNAC.

Author: Paula Eriksson

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